My New YouTube Channel

Hi guys!

I have an announcement: I’ve decided to create a YouTube channel. My channel is @bellaangelgolf, so head over to YouTube and check it out!


Through my channel I will create content that will help you get to know me better, take you along with me on my travels, and share my golf tips with you. I will be posting regular golfing, travel and lifestyle content, so make sure you’re subscribed!

I’m looking forward to the challenge of producing my own videos. I’m so excited to put my own touch on things. YouTube is an opportunity for me to share more of my life with you and for you to get to know me better. 

The theme of my channel is predominantly golf related content. I will be creating course vlogs, interviewing players, taking you behind the scenes at golf tournaments, collaborating with other content creators, as well as sharing my own golfing tips and tricks. 

Besides golf, another passion of mine is travel. I love exploring new places and I will be creating travel Vlogs in order to take you with me.

As well golf and travel I will be sharing more about my life in general and other things that I enjoy doing!

Please support my channel by subscribing to it and if you click the notifications bell you won’t miss any uploads!